Fierce Conversations

The simplest definition of a fierce conversation is one in which we come out from behind ourselves, into the conversation, and make it real. While many fear real, it is the unreal conversations that ought to concern us because they are incredibly expensive.

Once you’ve tasted this elusive thing called authenticity, served up with intelligence, passion and skill, all possibilities will expand and, when sustained, will revolutionize your organization’s culture.

In conjunction with Springboard NW, we provide workshops based on the book Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott.  It a workplace communication training that assumes conversations are a skill that can be taught.  But what about the bottom line?  Well once you start noticing it, you’ll realize that conversations are the workhorses of any organization.   And so conversations can drive results!  In your next conversation just notice – is it moving you toward or away from your goals.

The full 2-day training is divided into five portions.

- The foundation – this is where the real change happens. 3 transformational idea; 7 principles and 4 objectives of a Fierce Conversation.

- The Team Conversation – We use the beach ball as an analogy and learn to bring out all the colors in a team conversation.  Its an excellent framework for “think tank” discussions and for examining ground truth.

- The Coaching Conversation – Here we use the Mineral Rights model where whoever goes the deepest into the conversation is the winner.  This model can be used by anyone, anywhere anytime – whenever you want to really understand where another person is at and to help them move forward and create their own change.  It works wonderfully in sales and with clients, too.

- The Confrontation Conversation – Here the 60 second opening statement gets us to open our mouths and then after that we have to use all the above skills to keep the conversation going. Our goal is to enrich the relationship not to prove we were right!

That’s the magic!  Of course we can break this workshop into partial days or customize it for your organization’s needs.

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